How does Tarot work?

There are many different theories on Tarot Cards Readings, but I would like to say still it is not proven exactly how it works or you can say that no-one really knows how Tarot works!

Some people believe that some higher power or God send a type of universal Truths or principles via the cards. But I personally feel God has blessed Tarot Readers [Astrologer] so they can give prediction & while reading our personal energy is used & Tarot Cards guide us while giving predictions, they help us to improve our Psychic, Intuitive, Spiritual powers.

There is another Theory known as “The Theory of Synchronicity”, there is some type of “synchronicity” between “the Questions” or “Life situation” & “the cards drawn”. some also say that it makes contact with the “The higher nature” , “The universal mind”, “universal unconscious”, give you the information you most need at any one time, and tarot cards, being so visually descriptive and fundamental in their meanings, are a good medium to receive this information.

Some are non-believers of Tarot Cards so they believe that the Tarot Cards have absolutely no “fortune telling skill”, but rather the individual put the question selectively interprets the cards to fit their life situation, and increase value in doing so.

Some of the Tarot card reader are just doing (TP) time pass or to make money out of it because querent/seeker they are not ready to accept if there is problem or difficulties in life. So some of the Tarot Card Reader just tells the querent/seeker what they want to hear or just makes something up that sounds good to impress them.

I personally feel Tarot will help you to use your “Psychic Power” or “Intuition” & gives you a clear information of your past, present & future life, and help you to reflect on your life experiences and hence gain a fresh future of your life. It is your best guide when it comes to making those difficult choices and decisions. All you need is the keenness to respect and develop your natural intuition. once you have clear mind you feel more relaxed and decisions and choices can be made more easily.

You remember 1 thing you can’t change your past but you take right decision in your present by Looking for guidance from past experience and it is your decisions that shape your future life happiness and if the Cards helps you to make some sense in clouded world, then it’s got to be a great thing.

–by Astrologer Priyanka Sawant