Palmistry (Hand Reading) By Astrologer Priyanka Sawant

Palmistry Session By Celebrity Astrologer Priyanka Sawant

Palmistry originated in Indian history spanning nearly more than 3000 years ago. From India, the art of palmistry spread to China, Tibet, Egypt, Persia and to other countries in Europe. The practice of Palmistry is found all over the world, with different cultural variations to know the past, present and future of a person. Palmistry is also known as Chiromancy, palm-reading, hastarekha, hand analysis, Indian Palmistry, Hasta Samudrika.

How Hand Reading (Palmistry) Session Will Help You To Change Your Life?

The art of fortunetelling through palmistry, is to predict the Past / Present / future through the study of the palm. Psychic astrologer Priyanka Sawant will analyze your palm to interpret meanings (of line, symbols, signs). To study the palm & predict it, an astrologer needs potential abilities, inborn nature and predicting future.

She would be counseling and guiding you to take proper decisions to silhouette your life.

“If you have a question in your mind, We have an answer to your question”

What ever you want to know about your life related to your past / present / future, with detail description, counseling, guidance.

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[ We Only Provide Face To Face Reading ]

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Please Note The Following Points:-

  • We are astrologer & we are humans not God, its a God Blessing when our  prediction goes right, as we always thank Lord Shiva for the blessing when our prediction goes right….we don’t take the credit of it….because after all God is the creator of every situation…
  • Through astrology studies we predict the future of a human being… So that you can take precaution in advance,
  • Dont contact us for black magic service as we dont provide, we don’t  provide any magic or remedy going against the gods will….
  • Astrologers are not black magic practitioners….
  • We are spiritual people…we believe in God ….so for if you want any negative energies don’t call us…. as we dont provide.

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