Past Life Regression By Astrologer Priyanka Sawant

Past Life Regression Session By Celebrity Astrologer Priyanka Sawant

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Past Life Regression Therapy”


This session is for those who want to explore who they were in their “Past Life”

We will help you get connected with “The Journey Of Your Past Life”

The past karma which is affecting your “Current Life” the Most

 The session will reveal the unexplained answers of your “Current Life & Past Life”

Why Would You Want To Do Past Life Regression Therapy Session

  • If you are facing problems or fear in your current life but do not understand why you are suffering

  • You want to know who you were in your past life

  • What was the cause of your death in your past life

  • What type of life did you live in your past life

  • Feeling lost in your current life

  • Having phobia of water/fire/driving car or riding bike…etc….

  • Your purpose in your current life

  • The cause of fear, guilt, anger, phobias

  • How your health could be affected by Past life memories

  • Comprehending and healing incestuous relationships

  • Abilities you had in your past life

Your Past  Life Karma Affects Your Current Life….

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[ We Only Provide Face To Face Reading ]

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Please Note The Following Points:-

  • We are astrologer & we are humans not God, its a God Blessing when our  prediction goes right, as we always thank Lord Shiva for the blessing when our prediction goes right….we don’t take the credit of it….because after all God is the creator of every situation…
  • Through astrology studies we predict the future of a human being… So that you can take precaution in advance,
  • Dont contact us for black magic service as we dont provide, we don’t  provide any magic or remedy going against the gods will….
  • Astrologers are not black magic practitioners….
  • We are spiritual people…we believe in God ….so for if you want any negative energies don’t call us…. as we dont provide.

Thank You


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