Tarot Cards Reading – FAQs


There are more than “1000” types of fortune – telling cards available in the market these days, but not all of them are Tarot cards. The Tarot is a specialized set of cards that have very long history which I will be explaining it further. Before that let me explain you “what are Tarot cards”.

A Tarot deck is similar to an ordinary pack of playing cards. But playing cards are use for gambling but Tarot cards are use for fortune telling there is another difference in them & that is Tarot cards are god / angel to us but playing cards are just a part of a game. I don’t want to compare it with playing cards, but trying to make it easier for you all to understand it. Both have 4 suits numbered from ace to 10. In a tarot deck these are known as the “Minor Arcana’s & instead of cups, hearts, spades & diamonds, the tarot suit are Wand’s, Cup’s, Sword’s, Pentacle’s”….Unlike an ordinary pack of cards, each suit has 4 Cort cards rather than 3 :- King, Queen, Knight & Page, making 56 cards in the Minor Arcana’s.

In addiction to the minor cards, the Tarot deck has 22 extra, cards known as the major Arcana’s. These do not belong to any suit, but have their own number (with the exception of The Fool), a symbolic image & a title. Usually I have seen other tarot reader who either uses major or minor Arcana’s while reading or giving prediction, they do not use the whole deck. But I suggest you to use the whole deck of “78 cards” all while reading or giving prediction. Because “Minor cards are Situation cards” & “Major cards are Trump cards”.

If while doing a reading, more Minor cards occur than Major cards, then your destiny is mostly in your hands. If it is the other way around, fate governs your future. Interpretation is divided into upright & reversed meaning showing the positive and negative effects of the cards.

–by Astrologer Priyanka sawant